It’s possible you’ll find everything easier than you thought it would be

Most people are understandably worried about whether they’ll be able to make friends in college or not. If they’re currently shy or awkward they have even more reasons to fret about it. Sometimes people are anxious beforehand, but once they arrive for that first week of school they find everything just seems to work out. They still feel shy and out of their element, but at the same time, they meet people and form a social circle much more easily than they would have expected.

What I think happens in these situations is that even though that person may see themselves as inhibited or clumsy around people, they had more social skills and positive traits under the surface than they realized or gave themselves credit for. Once they were put in the new, easy-to-meet-people university environment those hidden strengths were able to show themselves.

This point isn’t to falsely get anyone’s hopes up. I also realize that many people come to college and continue to struggle socially, and need additional help. However, I just wanted to mention the possibility that you may worry about college a lot beforehand, but find things aren’t so hard once you get there.

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